Kazakhstan: 'It’s scary to live here!' — Temirtau residents concerned over black snow

Local residents in the city of Temirtau expressed fear for their health on Wednesday, after their town was covered with coal-black snow during the weekend, thought to be caused by the local metal and steel factories. One of the locals Serik Temirov said that children would return home after playing on playgrounds all dirty and covered in black dust. Other residents, Valentina and Yekaterina... Еще, added that it is really scary to live in the city at the moment, noting that when on a plane you can see “nothing but the smoke”. Deputy Head of Temirtau administration, Vladislav Tsai said that the administration is now figuring out the situation with the department for ecology. Temirtau was founded in 1905 with the name of the city translated from Kazakh as ‘iron mountain’ and is known to be one of the most important metallurgical industrial centres in the country.

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