Kazakhstan: Crew of Soyuz MS-10 failed flight to fly again in March — Roscosmos

The next launch to the International Space Station is scheduled for March 1 2019, announced the Russian National Space Agency Roscosmos announced on Monday. Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin made the announcement during a press conference alongside his NASA colleagues in Baikonur on Monday, shortly after the Expedition 58/59 crew's successful docking with the ISS. «The crew will include... Еще Cosmonaut Ovchinin and Astronaut Hague as well as Mrs. Christina Kock. The three people will be sent to the ISS and thus we will restore its [ISS] complete viability,» he said. Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague failed to reach the ISS on October 11 due to the failure of the propelling rocket Soyuz-FG carrying their Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft. Speaking about today's successful docking with the ISS by the Expedition 58/59 crew, Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations for NASA William H. Gerstenmaier said that research on the ISS could now get back on track. «We first wanted to make sure when got the crew in orbit before we begin getting back into the regular tempos,» said Gerstenmaier. President of the Canadian Space Agency Sylvain Laporte praised the team which has just arrived at the ISS saying that «we are very confident that the crew that will be staying on station is competent to do all of the jobs.»

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