Kadyrov flips burgers with Timati at Grozny Black Star opening

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov showed off his burger-flipping skills at the opening of Russian rapper Timati's new Black Star Burger restaurant in Grozny, Tuesday. Timati was seen on a stage located outside the restaurant on Vladimir Putin Avenue, having fun and frying some burgers that were then distributed among the cheering crowd. «I think we will have fun, because these... Еще burgers are the most juicy, the most massive,» said Kadyrov, as he spoke to the hundreds of guest who came to have a bite of Timati's buns. «I began cooking burgers myself and I was thinking how it will work, [so] Timati gave me a masterclass. So let’s eat tasty today,» the Chechen leader added. The first Black Star Burger restaurant was opened in September, 2016, in Moscow. The great success of its menu caused a stir among the public leading to long queues outside its premises.
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