Jordan: Refugee masons begin restoring ancient Syria one brick at a time

Syrian refugees currently living in Jordan picked up hammers and chisels, took to blocks of limestone, and began the painstaking task of recreating the ancient masonry savaged by the so-called Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS, ISIL) in their homeland, as seen in footage filmed in Mafraq on Thursday. The refugees are being taught how to turn non-descript hunks of rock into stunning architectural... Еще artworks as part of an initiative set up by the World Monuments Fund and the Petra National Trust of Jordan. «UNESCO also mentioned that Syria lacks craftsmen and professionals who are able to restore antiques,» said Mahmoud Qasim from Homs. Saqr Al Aqkla, another Homs refugee agreed, adding: «We are able to restore the antiques that were destroyed and to maintain the rest of antiques that are in Syria.» British archaeologist Tony Steele who is training the future stonemasons said that some of his students are really talented and will be able to earn a living after acquiring the necessary skills. «Stonemasonry is a complicated business. You can’t become a stonemason in a few months, no. But you can discover the basic principles and learn sufficiently to be able to build upon those basic principles,» stressed Steele. The hope is that age-old cities from Aleppo to Palmyra can be restored to their former glory after nearly a decade of war has seen ruins turn to ashes.

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