Jordan: King of Jordan reclaims 'full sovereignty' over lands leased by Israel

King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that his country would reclaim «full sovereignty» over two stretches of land in the Jordan valley, leased by Israel under a 1994 peace treaty. He made the announcement at the country's Parliament in Amman on Sunday. «I announce the end of the annexation of the two areas, [Al-]Ghumar and Al-Baqoura, in the peace treaty and impose our full sovereignty on every... Еще inch of them,» said King Abdullah II. On October 26, 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a landmark agreement, the second such accord between Israel and an Arab nation, after Egypt. In accordance with the peace deal, Israel was allowed to lease Al-Baqura and Al-Ghamar on the Israeli-Jordanian border, which granted Israeli farmers access to the two border enclaves. Following the termination of the lease agreement, Israeli farmers were barred from entering the two areas on Sunday, as gates on the border were reportedly closed. The king of Jordan announced his plans to end the lease agreement last year; however, Israel expressed hope for an extension to the arrangement. Over the past few years, ties have been strained between Israel and Jordan, which strongly supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. Amman has criticised the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and has condemned Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, where it has custodial rights over Muslim holy sites. «We will retain our national positions towards the Palestinian cause and support the Palestinian brothers to establish their independent state on the lines of the 4th of June 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital,» said the king. He called for «steady and uncompromising positions despite the growing risks and threats to these holy sites.» Mandatory Credit: The Royal Hashemite Court Mandatory credit: The Royal Hashemite Court

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