Jordan: Israel’s actions in West Bank ‘unlawful and unjustifiable’ says HRW director

Israel and Palestine Human Rights Watch director Omar Shakir discussed the findings of the NGO’s 92-page report ‘Born Without Civil Rights: Israel’s Use of Draconian Military Orders to Repress Palestinians in the West Bank.’ He introduced the report at a press conference in Amman on Wednesday. The report, Shakir said, «finds that Israel’s sweeping restrictions of the basic rights of Palestinians... Еще are unlawful and unjustifiable after 52 years by the exigencies of military occupation.» Shakir, who was deported from Israel last month over alleged support for promoting boycotts, said «Israel cannot continue to justify its two-tier discriminatory regime by the logic of military occupation.» He added, «Israel's obligations must be, regardless of what the state or political regime might be in the future, to fully respect the rights of Palestinians today.» The Israeli government has reportedly dismissed the findings of the report.
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