Jerusalem: Heightened security and settler 'hate crimes' ahead of US embassy move

A heightened police presence was seen in the vicinity of the building where the US embassy is to relocate from Tel-Aviv to West Jerusalem, on Monday, as 28 Palestinian vehicles were attacked and vandalised in East Jerusalem's Shuafat neighbourhood by suspected illegal settlers, in what is being labelled a possible «hate crime.» A supporter of US President Donald Trump praised the opening of the... Еще embassy, saying that he was in Israel «to party» and to celebrate the embassy move. According to Palestinians, three settlers from an illegal settlement in East Jerusalem vandalised 28 vehicles owned by Palestinians, in what is being labelled a possible «hate crime.» «This morning [at] seven o'clock we woke up to go to our work. We found that most of our cars are down. The four tyres were down. Total of the cars was 28 cars. We called the police,» said local Rasan Dekike, adding «I think it's related to the opening of the new embassy.» «There were three settlers, they came walking from [the] next settlement called Shlomo Sheifat I think, something. They came, they damaged the tyres, the total cars, as I told you 28, tyres, they damaged four tyres [of every car],» explained Dekike. The Trump administration is holding a ceremony for the opening of the new US embassy later on Monday.

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