Jealous, Mr. Trump? 300m-tall wall from Game of Thrones «discovered» in Yakutia

Fans of the hit television series Game of Thrones were bowled over by a rock formation in the Russian Republic of Yakutia which bears a striking resemblance to the defensive ice wall that keeps the Seven Kingdoms safe from the shuffling White Walkers. Footage shot in 2016 shows the Lena Pillars, which are around 150-300 metres (490-980 feet) tall and are located about 200 kilometres (124 miles... Еще) from the city of Yakutsk. The landmark draws throngs of visitors and fans of the series and according to, local broadcasting company Sakha has even sent a letter to HBO proposing that the final season of the series be shot in Yakutia. With temperatures reaching as low as minus 68 degrees Celsius (minus 90 Fahrenheit), representatives of the company have assured HBO that there would be no more authentic location to film winter in Westeros.

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