Jaywalkers sprayed with cold water for illegal road crossing

Chinese jaywalkers were gunned down by water-spraying bollards in the Chinese city of Daye on Monday morning. When someone tries to cross at a red light, sensors in the knee-high yellow poles are activated and spray water at disobedient pedestrians in Hubei province. At the same time a recorded message says: «The light's red, please do not cross the street: it's dangerous.» The devices use... Еще facial recognition technology to name and shame the offenders on an LED screen above the street. Despite the $207,000 (€169,000) price-tag to install the water-spraying bollards, pedestrians and traffic wardens were full of gushing praise for the initiative. Wardens reported an immediate reduction in numbers of jaywalkers, while one tourist felt the scheme should be rolled out to other cities.

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