Japanese mobile mosque gears up for global sporting events

Japan, they are always concerned what will happen, how they would pray, and how would they find a prayer place, especially when they are coming from special occasions, like festivals, or expo, or games, or those kinds of special occasions, or conferences.» The mobile mosque project was trialled at the Toyota stadium in Tokyo on Monday to showcase Japan's hospitality towards visiting Muslims... Еще. This project was launched to solve the problem of an insufficient number of mosques in the country, especially considering the upcoming global sports events to be held in Japan — Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Summer Olympics in 2020. The mobile mosque has been four years in the making. Built on the chassis of a 25-ton heavy duty lorry, it's wide base has room for up to 50 people to worship at any one time. It is equipped with facilities such as a wash basin for cleansing before praying and a wall indicating Kaaba at Mecca. According to data from the Japan Halal Business Association, the Japanese Muslim community is 100,000-200,000 strong.

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