Japan: Trump had 'very productive day' ahead of meeting new emperor

US President Donald Trump discussed trade and security issues with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he said in a statement on Sunday in Tokyo, adding that he had a «very productive day,» ahead of meeting Emperor Naruhito on Monday. «We’ve had a great time and a great stay and tomorrow is really the main event, very important event in the history of Japan,» he said. «The Prime Minister and I... Еще talked about trade and the military and various other things, and I think we had a very productive day, and tomorrow, likewise, will be a very productive day.» The president’s day included awarding a 70 pound «President’s Cup» trophy to Japan’s sumo grand champion Asanoyama Hideki. «We bought that beautiful trophy, which they’ll have hopefully for many hundreds of years, and that will be their trophy for the championships,» Trump added. «They really are athletes, it’s a very ancient sport, and I really wanted to see sumo wrestling.» Trump is in Japan to discuss a trade deal with Abe, while his trade negotiations with China and nuclear talk with North Korea both seem to have reached an impasse. He will be the first world leader to meet Naruhito, who acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, after his father Emperor Akihito abdicated on 30 April.

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