Japan: Tokyo to bolster border checks after Ghosn escape — Justice Minister

Japanese Justice Minister Masako Mori vowed to strengthen border departure checks and review bail conditions following the escape of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn from Japan to Lebanon, during a press conference in Tokyo on Monday. «The government has instructed the Immigration Services Agency to work with the relevant ministries and agencies to further tighten the procedures for departure... Еще, and will continue to take necessary measures to prevent the same situation from occurring,» Mori said during a press conference at the Japanese Justice Ministry. «Japan's judicial system is operating properly with appropriate procedures in order to clarify the truth of the case while guaranteeing the basic human rights of individuals, and there is no reason to be that the escape of the accused on bail is justified,» Mori said. Sixty-five-year-old Ghosn fled Japan rather than face trial over allegations of financial misconduct. He reportedly exited the country on a private jet that landed in Turkey and later flew on another jet to Lebanon, entering the country legally on a French passport. Ghosn was initially arrested by Japanese authorities in November 2018 and spent 108 days in custody, before being released on a €8m ($9m) bail in April. The bail conditions restricted Ghosn from travelling abroad and his Brazilian, Lebanese and French passports were held by his legal team in Japan. Istanbul-based MNG Jet, whose aircraft were utilised to fly Ghosn from Japan to Lebanon, reportedly stated an employee counterfeited records and that Ghosn's name was not present on any documentation linked to the flights. The company pressed charges in Turkey over illicit use of its jet charter services. The employee reportedly leased two separate private jets, one from Dubai to Osaka and Osaka to Istanbul and another one from Istanbul to Beirut.

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