Japan: This tech can tell motorists if they're in a fit state to drive

The Onboard Driving Monitoring Sensor was put on display at the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) Japan 2017 exhibition, in Chiba, Tuesday. OMRON presented the technology that helps to detect a driver's condition while they are steering a car and potentially prevent accidents related to concentration loss or distraction. The on-board camera uses state-of-the-art AI [time... Еще-series deep learning] and is able to discern whether the driver is able to steer the vehicle safely. Chief Specialist of Technology Masaki Suwa stated that the technology detects «face information, eye information and some little bit of movement» and analyses the level of sleepiness and other factors for safe driving. «This sensor always monitors the driver for safety driving sometime the driver see the smartphone and creating something the outside immediately these sense detects this and helps the driver for safely driving». CEATEC is considered Japan's largest IT and electronics trade show, and is held this year at Chiba city's Makuhari Messe.
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