Japan: ‘They're creating millions of jobs' — Trump on Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi

US President Donald Trump defended Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in response to questioning over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his final press conference at the G20 in Osaka on Saturday. “I think it's horrible. And if you look into Saudi Arabia, you see what's happening. Thirteen people or so have been prosecuted, others being prosecuted. They've taken it seriously,» he said... Еще before adding: «At the same time, I will also say — nobody so far has pointed directly a finger at the future king of Saudi Arabia.» «They've been a terrific ally. They're creating millions of jobs in this country. They are ordering equipment and not only military equipment,» Trump said. When asked if he didn't bring the subject up with Bin Salman because he did not want to cause offence, Trump said: «No, not at all. I don't really care about offending people.» Commenting on relations with Turkey, Trump said: “President Erdogan. He's tough but I get along with him. Maybe that's a bad thing but I think it's a really good thing because frankly he wanted to wipe out. He has a big problem with the Kurds, as everybody knows.» Trump explained that the potential deaths of Iranian civilians was a major factor in recalling air strikes more than a week ago. «I said — how many people are going to die? I mean, I am talking about on the other side. That means a lot to me too. Ok, how many people are going to die? They said — probably about a 150. You don't know, could be much worse than that. Could be less too, I guess. Could be much more than that, because this is heavy stuff going in,» Trump said.

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