Japan: Sushi delivery service in Nagoya 'buffs up' its service

The Vber Macho sushi delivery service has been raising a lot of eyebrows as well as weights with a unique delivery idea to lighten the mood during the COVID-19 crisis. Vber Macho CEO and avid bodybuilder Masanori Sugiura has been delivering sushi topless and put on a bodybuilding show for his customers. Footage filmed on Wednesday shows Masanori Sugiura preparing some sushi and delivering it topless to giggling customers as a birthday surprise. «My restaurant is making our profit mainly from banquets or party sales, but as the number of party customers was decreasing due to COVID-19, the sales from home delivery service was going up. Then, when I delivered the food by myself, I was often told that my body was amazing, so I wondered if it would be interesting if I took my shirt off,» explained Masanori Sugiura. «I think it's very good. It's a time when we can't go out because of COVID-19, even now, so we're enjoying this service, seeing his smiling face, and delivering muscles, a smile and sushi, delicious food. I think this macho service is the best,» stated customer Mami Matsuoka. As an avid bodybuilder and member of the bodybuilding community, Masanori Sugiura has also been using the initiative to help out his fellow bodybuilders. «The gym is closed right now, and the trainers have no work. So by delivering food together with those people, they are also able to work,» said the Vber Macho CEO. Japan as a nation has received praise for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Despite being one of the first nations hit by the crisis and it's large and dense population, there have only been 16,930 confirmed cases which have led to 894 deaths related to the virus.

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