Japan: Security beefed up for G20 summit in Osaka

Tight security measures were in place ahead of the G20 summit in Osaka this Thursday. Tens of thousands of police were deployed to marshall traffic and patrol the area around the convention centre. Only people with accreditation were being allowed to enter and only after a bag check. Hundreds of schools will remain closed on Thursday and Friday and several streets will be closed due to the... Еще movement of dignitaries. Authorities reportedly recommended that the city's residents refrain from using private vehicles during this period and keep use of public transport to a minimum. Rubbish dumps have been closed while public lockers — widely used by the Japanese, especially in Metro stations — will not be available. Leaders from 19 of the most influential countries in the world and the European Union will meet in Osaka on Friday and Saturday for the 14th G20 summit to discuss climate change, free trade, and economic inequality, among other issues.

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