Japan: Prenatal victim of Hiroshima bombing shares story ahead of 75th anniv.

Hiroshima prepared for its annual 'Peace Memorial Ceremony' on Wednesday, as both schoolchildren and survivors visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park ahead of the landmark 75th anniversary of an atomic bomb being dropped on the city. Yoji Ishimi, who was exposed to radiation from the bomb while in his mother's womb, was among the visitors coming to pay respects to the victims. Many of Ishimi's relatives suffered deleterious effects from the bomb, including a cousin who eventually died of leukaemia. «After 75 years, I am still very sorry for those who died. Hiroshima city was completely destroyed in 10 seconds. 75 years later, nothing has changed, we are not in peace. I'm very sorry, and we will have tomorrow [the anniversary of the bombing],» he said. He also suggested that through valuing nature, humanity could overcome its proclivity for destruction. «Humans are alive in nature. There are the sun and the moon, and being with the nature we can be such healthy human beings. However, human beings, people in the world destroy nature. Destroying is like war. Because it's the same as killing. Even after 75 years, it's still getting worse,» he said. The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 near the conclusion of World War Two, followed by another bomb on Nagasaki just three days later on August 9.

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