Japan: Pope Francis calls for end to nuclear weapons use at Hiroshima memorial

Pope Francis paid tribute at Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park to the 140,000 victims of the USA's 1945 nuclear attack on the city of Hiroshima, Sunday. Francis was seen arriving at the memorial location where a welcoming committee received him. The Pope laid a wreath in honour of the victims before leading prayers and delivering a speech. «I've come to this place, full of hope and future... Еще, bringing with me the cry of the poor — who are always the most helpless victims of hatred and conflicts. I would like to humbly be the voice of those whose voice is not heard, who witness with concern and anguish the increasing tensions of our time,» said Francis. «With conviction I once more wish to declare that the use of nuclear energy for war purposes today is more than ever a crime, not only against humans and their dignity but also against any possible future in our shared world. The use of atomic energy for war purposes is immoral, such as the possession of atomic weapons, as I've already said two years ago. We will be judged on this,» the Pope added, decrying the deadly effects of nuclear weapons. Pope Francis' presence in Hiroshima follows his previous visit earlier in the day to Nagasaki as part of his three-day tour to Japan. Restrictions: No alteration of content. Edits must have onscreen credit ‘(c) CBCJ’ for a minimum period of 5 seconds during each use. No restrictions for TV Live broadcasting on and after November 2


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