Japan: Naomi Kawase appointed Tokyo 2020 Olympic film director

Tokyo 2020 executive committee appointed renowned Japanese filmmaker Naomi Kawase as the official 2020 Olympic Games film director, during a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday. President of Tokyo 2020 board committee Yoshiro Mori said that «this can be the chance to attract the attention of people in the field of sports worldwide.» The Olympics committee president touched on details... Еще including the volunteering process and added that all medals at Tokyo 2020 will be made out of recycled electronics devices. The committee then introduced the appointed film director for the Tokyo 2020 games, Naomi Kawase. «With the upcoming great festival of the Olympics coming up, I would also like to keep my eye on the Tohoku region and see what we can do to deliver hope to the life of the people of Tohoku, people who were forced to leave their homes,» Kawase said, referring to the earthquake and tsunami that hit the northern coastal area in 2011.

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