Japan: Locals react to possible Olympics postponement following Canada and Australia's withdrawal

Tokio residents reacted to the possibility of having the Olympic games postponed, on Monday, following the announcement of withdrawal from the event made by Canada and Australia. One of the locals, June Matsuo said she was in favour of moving the event to another date by saying: «It's an event with lots of people gathering, so I agree to postpone it, but it happened a little while ago that the... Еще global explosion occurred, and I think that decision could have been made much earlier. Athletes have been practising and preparing for this summer just until right now, so I think they could have announced it a little earlier.» While some believed the postponement might be inevitable, other voices raised concerns of making that decision too early, saying it would be better to wait a bit longer before making that decision. «We should wait a little bit more, you know? To see the situation because I think it's very important for Japan and the economy the Olympics, Japan prepared so many years for the Olympics and you don't know the situation in July maybe it gets better you know,» said Tobias Lang. The IOC announced on Sunday it will be assessing a possibility of postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after weeks of criticism for proceeding with preparations.

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