Japan: Justice Minister slams Ghosn's remarks, vows to pursue him 'by all means'

Japan will pursue bringing former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn to justice in the country «by all means» said Justice Minister Masako Mori, who said the exec was spreading misconceptions about the Japanese criminal justice system, during a press conference in Tokyo on Thursday. «I would like him to be brought to justice in our country,» Mori said. «I also know it's not easy. However, the Japanese... Еще government will pursue it by all means.» She added, «During the interview with Carlos Ghosn last night, Ghosn criticized various aspects of Japan's criminal justice system. However, many of his words are abstract, unclear in purpose, or unfounded, and have been widely reported throughout the world. We think it may spread misconceptions.» Responding to Ghosn's claim of feeling like he had been held hostage in Japan, she said, «It has been criticized that prohibiting meeting with his wife on bail is a violation of human rights, but no visitor will be restricted if there is no fear of escape or destruction of evidence.» Sixty-five-year-old Ghosn fled Japan on New Year's Eve rather than face trial over allegations of financial misconduct. He reportedly exited the country on a private jet that landed in Turkey and later flew on another jet to Lebanon, entering the country legally on a French passport. Ghosn was initially arrested by Japanese authorities in November 2018 and spent 108 days in custody, before being released on a €8m ($9m) bail in April.

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