Japan introduces «world's first» virtual robot wife — Gatebox CEO

Creator of Hikari and CEO of 'Gatebox' Minori Takechi boasted the «world's first virtual home robot» from Makuhari Messe in Chiba, on Saturday, showcasing how the electronic being can control your smart home equipment as well as keep you company. The holographic character, known as Azuma Hikari, can recognise your face and voice, and will happily perform everyday activities alongside you. If... Еще you are not at home, you can communicate with your virtual significant other via either an iOS, or Android Gatebox app. Takechi promised that «living with her every day, she will become your partner» and it will be a «happy life.» He also said that the Gatebox enables you to have the character live with you «in your room, in your real life.» The Gatebox is set to launch in December 2017 at a price of 298,000 yen (€2,276).
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