Japan: «I got really scared» — Tokyo residents react to N. Korea missile launch

Tokyo residents reacted with dismay, Tuesday, at the news North Korea had launched a missile over Japan earlier in the day. One resident stated that if Japan took military action against North Korea, it would bring war among «ordinary North Korean people». However, the woman said that, on the other hand, «[we should say «yes» to taking] military action because the world is going to be dangerous... Еще». Another local who was «simply against war» voiced her disagreement at a possible use of force and said she wishes for tensions «to end through talks». One resident said she felt «irritated» by the incident, since Japan «did nothing» to North Korea. The woman added that the move comes because its leader Kim Jong-un «wants to shows off his power». The local continued that after the launch, she «felt like the war was approaching» and «got really scared». Another resident meanwhile said that he does not perceive «the threat so much». On Tuesday morning, North Korea launched a missile reportedly designed to carry a nuclear payload over Japan, that landed in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,180km (733mi) off the Hokkaido prefecture.
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