Japan: «I don't feel like Japan is their target» — Tokyo reacts to latest North Korean missile test

People on the streets of Tokyo reacted to the news North Korea had launched a second ballistic missile over Japanese territory in as many weeks, Friday. It is the second time the DPRK's regime has fired ballistic projectiles over Japanese territory, following a separate nuclear bomb test less than two weeks ago. According to latest reports, the warhead flew some 3,700km (2,300mi) at a height of... Еще 770km (480mi) from a suburb of the North Korean capital Pyongyang, resulting in international condemnation and an escalation of tensions. Akira Demizu, a businessman, said he did not feel threatened by North Korea's provocation despite the latest episode. «To be frank, I don't feel like Japan is their target. Their target is the US, that's why the missiles are just passing over Japan», he explained. «Particularly with nuclear bombs or electromagnetic pulses, if North Korea drops those on Japan, they will also be affected themselves», he added. A student, Aoi Nakamura, was equally as dismissive, even joking that she would get a day off school. «Oh well, we'll die. The missile is big, so it's fine that we'll die in split second. Better than suffering,» she said. «If a missile is dropped then good, because we won't have to go to school. I'll leave and go home. We're always joking around, never taking it seriously».

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