Japan: Granny Girl Group release rap video to welcome G20 in Osaka

A group of six Japanese grannies launched a video online of a rap song to welcome the G-20 summit participants in Osaka, as footage filmed on Wednesday shows. Named 'Oba Funk Osaka' the song is sung in English and mixes local expressions and Japanese slang. The video shows the six women dancing on the streets of the Japanese city and singing they are «the funniest» city and people in the world... Еще. The group is called Obachan and is formed by six grannies with an average age of 66. The video was uploaded on the group's YouTube channel and has reached 75,000 views in the first six days. «This group consists of fun and energetic members representing Osaka. So everyone is energetic,» said Funai, one of the group members. There is even space for a humorous provocation on Tokyoites to sparkle the friendly rivalry the two cities have shared along the years. The G-20 will take place in Osaka on the 28th and 29th of June.

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