Japan: Gigantic penis brings supposed fertility to Konsei Festival

Dozens of people celebrated the Konsei Festival in the Osawa hot springs in Hanamaki on Sunday, also known as the 'penis festival' where visitors come to worship a gigantic wooden phallus. Local men carried the big wooden deity, also referred to as the “Konsei-sama”, to the rhythm of traditional music. Six women dressed in traditional costumes walked into the springs with the phallus, as a... Еще ritual to bring them fertility and safe births. Participants took turns to ride the Konsei-sama in the water. “I am getting married tomorrow, so I came here to participate and make a wish to have many children”, said one of the participants. “I want to have one more baby, so I join the festival”, added another one. The wooden phallus was finally placed on an altar, where visitors could honour it.

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