Japan: G20 protesters decry Hong Kong extradition bill

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Osaka on Friday to denounce the G20 Summit and call for leaders in attendance to advocate for Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill protesters. Demonstrators held up banners reading ‘G20 not welcome, future is ours’ as they made their way through the streets of Osaka. Of particular concern to protesters was a proposed extradition bill, which could allow Hong Kong... Еще nationals to be extradited to mainland China. Though the law was suspended earlier in the month, protests have expanded to incorporate greater concerns about human rights and democracy in the territory. One protester explained that he wanted to appeal to the international community to support the protest movement. «The Hong Kong government is not inclined to withdraw the evil law, which is the extradition bill. So I think the international community should send a helping hand to save Hong Kong,» he said. The ‘Group of 20’ Summit sees governments and representatives of the world’s 19 major economies as well as top representatives from the European Union meet and discuss strategies for fiscal policy and international financial stability.

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