Japan: Fisherman return to sea seven years after Fukushima

Seven years after the Fukushima disaster, Ukedo fisherman returned on Saturday to the Japanese waters that once provided a rich source of income. «I had been receiving compensation, not that big though, for one to two years. However we don't receive any compensation now since the lifestyle got to be normal,» said one of the fishermen Aota Norio. Nearby areas of the port were contaminated by... Еще radioactive material and people have to constantly monitor the state of the fish they catch and sell. Fisherman Amiya Nobuyuki said, «We are taking care of monitoring the radiation dose of fish, checking Cesium, and we sell the fish that were approved for safeness. Our fishermen have confidence about the test [of the fish] so that we are fishing in Ukedo and selling them.» However, not all the locals are optimistic. Another fisherman Arikawa adds, «It was good before the disaster. There were full of houses. Over there, so many houses. Now, nothing at all.» The Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 ensued after an earthquake triggered a tsunami which triggered a nuclear meltdown at the plant. Radioactive materials were released into the air and over 300,000 people were forced to evacuate.

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