Japan: Famed activist Hiroji Yamashiro leads anti-US base protest

Hundreds of anti-US protesters, including famed activist Hiroji Yamashiro, demanded the end of the US military presence on Okinawa, Saturday. Activists gathered outside Camp Schwab carrying banners and chanting against the US base. Hiroji Yamashiro, who is known for his anti-US actions, joined the demonstrators. «US President Donald Trump is a dangerous man and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe... Еще follows him,» said the activist adding that the two leaders are looking for excuses to start a war in the Asia region. He went on to say that the military presence is nothing but a preparation for military action. Yamashiro took part in multiple anti-US base actions, and was released in March after spending five months in jail after for allegedly cutting barbed wire at the US military training area in Higashi, Okinawa.

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