Japan: 'Enough already' — Tokyo resident ‘scared’ by DPRK’s latest missile launch

Businessman Atsushi Kato expressed his dismay and concern over the latest missile launch carried out by North Korea, in Tokyo, Wednesday. «Enough already. I want them to stop it,» said Kato. «We are scared and don't know what they [North Korea] are trying to do.” The businessman added, «If the missile is really pointing at Japan, I don't want it to happen.» Kato stressed that the situation is... Еще «so scary,» and urged North Korea to «stop it now for the safety of the children.» On Tuesday night, North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that flew higher and further than any of its previous tests. The move came after US President Donald Trump labelled North Korea as «a state sponsor of terrorism,» during a cabinet meeting held in Washington DC on Monday.

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