Japan: Compact city vehicle and experimental three-wheel motorcycle — Yamaha's highlights at the Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha's new concept MWC-4 motorcycle and electric pickup Cross Hub vehicle made their debut during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in the Japanese capital on Thursday. Cross Hub is a diamond-shaped city vehicle, which also has the capacity to carry two motorcycles. The truck is 44,950 cm (14,75ft) in length, which makes it more compact than competitors' products. The three-wheeled MWC-4 is another... Еще futuristic creation of the Japanese concern, inspired by musical instruments and traditional motorcycles. The motorcycle is 2,680 mm (8.7ft) in length, 900 mm (2,9 ft) wide and 1,480 mm (4.8ft) tall. It's compact dimensions means that the bike is suitable for busy traffic and parking on the crowded streets. Yamaha planning and research developer Yosuke Hirayama pointed out the motorcycle's actuator, which gives the bike more «stability».

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