Japan: Amputee footballers overcome obstacles to play the game they love

Amputee football players of the team FC Alvorada Kawasaki held a training session in Saitama on Saturday, where Brazilian-born Henrique Mastumora Dias showcased his skills. Dias explained how he lost his leg due to a car accident when he was five years old, and began playing amputee football when he was 10. Over the years, his skills developed and he ended up playing for the Brazilian national... Еще team. Employment opportunities brought him to Japan, a country that, as Dias explained, has different attitudes to disabilities. «Because of the culture I think, they sometimes try to hide the disability,» Dias said, adding «In a certain form they look in a negative way to the disability and I always try to show them that even you don't have a leg or you don't have an arm, anyway even if you have any problem you can do whatever you want you just have to try do it.» Dias has been trying to serve as an inspiration to local Japanese players, and try to get them back on the field and feeling more confident in their abilities. «Some people are trying to hide their disabilities and some players of our team acted like this the first time they came to practice, but now they change their minds so they can live positively now even without a leg or an arm,» He said. «I want to show people that playing football makes you confident so you don't have to care about if you have a leg or you have a problem and I think people can be happy even with disability, so I always say in Japanese 'Yareba Dekiru' that is a word everything is possible you just have to try,» Dias concluded.

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