Japan: Akita residents oppose deployment of US-made missile system

Japanese officials held a conference on the planned deployment of the Aegis Ashore missile defence system in Akita on Saturday. According to the government, two units of the US-made missile system will be deployed in the prefectural capital of Akita in northern Japan and in the city of Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The officials insist that the measure is being taken to counter potential... Еще missiles from North Korea and China. However, residents of both cities continue to voice their concerns over the plan. «No matter how much Japanese Ministry of Defence says that it is for the purpose of protecting us and the property of the nation, but the fact is that the United States is giving an order to the Japanese,» said Kazama Kozo, one of the residents who attended the conference. «Aegis Ashore looks to me like warmongering, like [they're trying] to get ready for war. And if it comes to the area where we live, it is totally unbelievable. I can't understand it, and I want to take action to oppose it,» noted Sato Kayoko, another resident of Akita.

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