Japan: Abe commends Pompeo after N. Korea slams US' 'gangster-like' demands

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe commended US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's «strong leadership» at denuclearisation talks with senior North Korean officials, at Abe's official residence in Tokyo on Sunday. During his meeting with Pompeo, Abe said, «I would like to pay my tribute to the strong leadership you have demonstrated in negotiating with North Korea.» Pompeo reported on the outcome... Еще of talks in Pyongyang, noting that he raised «a full range of issues with them with respect to their nuclear programme, to the abductee issue — all the issues that I know matter to the United States, Japan and indeed to the world.» Following Pompeo's third visit to Pyongyang, North Korea accused Washington of making «gangster-like» demands, noting that the US visit had been «regrettable.» North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that «the high-level talks this time brought us in a dangerous situation where we may be shaken in our unshakable will for denuclearisation.» Pyongyang's statement appears to contradict Pompeo, who maintains that «progress» was made during negotiations with North Korea.

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