Jamon Siberico: Former lawyer + spine injury + boredom + Siberia = Ham!?

Alexei Krestianov is a Novosibirsk-based entrepreneur who makes traditional Spanish ham in the middle of Siberia, Russia. The former lawyer gave a tour around his premises showing his invention — the Sibhamon on Friday. Krestianov explained how he came up with the idea saying, that it happened by chance. «I got a spine trauma and spent a long time at home. I could not sit, needed to find out... Еще how to spend time standing. So I started cooking various dishes, sausages, spareribs, cure, marinade, jerky. Came up with something like that.” According to the entrepreneur, once he had a pork leg left and decided to make jamon, his friends and relatives tried it and asked him to make more. Krestianov agreed and started asking his “clients” to bring two pig legs, one his used to make jamon for them, the other one he left for himself. Later people started offering him money — 5000 rubles (US $88) for one jamon leg.

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