Jamaican women's football team rescued by Bob Marley's daughter Cedella

Cedella Marley, daughter of the legendary artist Bob Marley, came to the rescue of the Jamaican women's football team, the Reggae Girlz, as she was key in ensuring their funding for the Women's World Cup, she explained during an interview on Sunday. Marley explained that until she saw a flyer that his son received at his football practice, she «didn't even know Jamaica had a woman's programme... Еще.» That's when she dug deeper and got aware of all the issues that the Reggae Girlz were facing. When she was asked to be their ambassador, the decision was easy: «I didn't care what it meant at the time because after meeting the girls, you just fall in love with them, and watching them play is like the most amazing thing of all.» According to Marley, football is a family business. Although she doesn't play herself, she said «my father played, of course, and my brothers all played in school, my sons play now, so you know I guess the passion runs through the blood.» She explains that the Bob Marley Foundation has been «one of the key providers for the last couple of years,» in terms of funding and resources. «Jamaica loves football. This is the first time they have really paid any attention to the women's world cup, but there's a lot of excitement about being the first team from the Caribbean to ever qualify,» added Marley. The boost from Bob Marley's daughter was much needed, as one year after the Reggae Girlz failed to qualify for the 2015 Women's World Cup, the Jamaican Football Federation had disbanded the team due to budget shortfalls. They are still in need of financing, and the Reggae Girlz and Cedella Marley are putting together a crowdfunding campaign. The team has qualified for this year's Women's World Cup and is playing against Brazil on Sunday.

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