Ivorian dancing acrobats perform heart-skipping stunts in Abidjan

A group of young people stemming from one of Abidjan suburb of Abobo showcased their acrobatic dancing skills on Thursday, sharing their aspirations of official recognition as a sport by the Ivory Coast sports federation. The dancers can be seen doing daredevilish movements and acrobatic maneuvers — both solo and in groups. Daouda Cisse, one of the acrobats, said, «Well, first, it's a passion. I like it a lot because the Ivorian sports federation has not developed this sport linked to the country's dance. In any case, as it is a passion with my friends, we like it a lot, and we practice it because it's good for our health.» The dancers, called the Abidjan Tappers, used to perform in at bobo Anokoua Koute, Abidjan's red-light district, where they entertained people and earned their living. Many of them reportedly used the money to finance their studies. Apart from the entertainment and the financial aspect, the dancers also claim the strenuous activity is good for health. «Often, I come here very often to watch these young people that we used to call 'hitmen' because they do all these stunts. Often what they do is very good, it keeps you in shape, always in shape, so I come here very often because I admire them a lot. Not a lot of people can do what they do,» said Assoumo Kouakou Ange Meller.

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