Italy: US aims to 'remove Iran from Syria' — Iranian FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated the US aims to «remove Iran from Syria», during the first day of the third Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) summit in Rome on Thursday. Speaking about the role of the US in the Syrian crisis, he questioned: «Why can't you [the US] accept that an arrangement by regional countries in Syria has been holding for eleven months, longer than any... Еще ceasefire negotiated by the West in Syria?» According to Zarif, the main aim of the US government was to «to remove Iran from Syria» and «that's where they fail, because we are in the region». In addition, Zarif underlined that Iran was not the sole country to possess nuclear weapons. «Saudi Arabia has missiles that they receive from China,» he pointed out. «In addition to that, they [Saudi Arabia] spend 86 billion dollars to buy what [US] President [Donald] Trump calls beautiful military equipment,» he said. On the matter of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea, Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano asked the international community to «roll up [your] sleeves, be brave and provide immediate concrete help as Italy has done and continues to do”.

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