Italy: Ukrainian fighter sentenced to 24 years for murder of journalist

A Pavia court sentenced Vitaly Markiv, a member of the Ukrainian National Guard, to 24 years in jail for the murder of journalist Andrea Rocchelli, during trial on Friday in Pavia. Prosecutor Andrea Zanoncelli was pleased with the verdict. «We are satisfied because it means that the Assize Court also considers that the evidences we provided during the hearing were strong enough to get a... Еще declaration of penal responsibility,» he said. Rocchelli's mother, Elisa Signori, said the court's ruling will «send a message to those who want to target a journalist or photographer: there's no impunity.» The 30 year-old Pavian photojournalist was killed on May 24th 2014 in the Donbass region, where he was reporting on the suffering of the civilian population in the conflict between Ukrainian army and pro-Russian forces. Markiv was arrested in Bologna after being accused of murdering Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli near Slavyansk in 2014. Markiv, who reportedly lived in Italy between 2002 and 2013, returned to Ukraine to fight in the Donbass, before returning to Bologna.

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