Italy: Thousands protest against high speed rail construction in Turin

Demonstrators gathered in Turin on Saturday to protest against the high-speed train connection between France and Italy. The so-called 'No TAV' activists called for the government to stop the infrastructure project, which they say would cause extensive damages to Susa valley. «We are against the TAV because as inhabitants of the Susa Valley we would find ourselves involved in an environmental... Еще disaster. The tunnel would bring huge problems, especially for materials and rocks that are extracted,” said Mauro Rolando, one of the protesters. 'No TAV,' the group behind the demonstration, is a movement set up to counter the construction of various high-speed railway lines in Italy and France. The name comes from the Italian acronym for Treno Alta Velocita (high speed train). The movement questions the usefulness, cost, and safety of the project and its actualisation, which they believe is being driven by European construction lobbies.

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