Italy: Thousands join pro-refugee rally in Rome

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in central Rome on Saturday to rally against racism and to show their support for the rights migrats. Demonstrators included asylum-seekers and refugees who marched through the city under the slogans of «Against racism — For Justice and Equality» and «Enough with racism.» Italian-born residents without citizenship, students, social activists and members of the... Еще Federation of Knowledge Workers (FLC CGIL) also joined the march. One protester explained that he was demonstrating in order to obtain Italian documents. «Like many other Italian friends [of mine who] have been here for many years, I have been here for 11 months and I haven't yet spoken before the [Territorial] Commission. Also, I don't know how many [more] months [will pass before] I'll stand in front of the [Territorial] Commission», he said. During the rally, the crowd called for the creation of humanitarian corridors, the dismissal of national borders and the approval of the proposed nationality law dubbed 'Ius Soli', which would grant Italian citizenship to second generation immigrants born in the country.

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