Italy: ‘They’re invading us!’ — Sicilians react to migrant ship dock block

SOT, Journalist (Italian): «According to you, are they smugglers?» SOT, Angelo Strazzulo, local resident (Italian): «This is a question I cannot answer. I don't know.» Residents in the Sicilian harbour city of Messina reacted to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's decision to close Italian ports to a migrant rescue boat on Monday. The boat in question, Aquarius, is the only humanitarian ship... Еще operating in the Mediterranean at present after a crackdown on NGOs and is currently carrying 629 migrants rescued at sea. They rescued 629 in two different operations, with the coordination of the Italian coastguard. They were set to dock in Sicily, but Salvini responded by closing Italian ports and saying that Malta should take the boat. Many local residents are showing support for the Interior Minister. Salvo Cavallaro, a local, said: «They need to be checked. We need to know who is arriving. These 600 people, we don't know who they are. Not all of them are honest people.» Another, Natale Lombardo, said: «It's not right that they're invading us. They are illegals.» Several Italian mayors publicly expressed their will to allow the boat to dock in their cities, including Messina.

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