Italy: 'The least worst?' — Uncertainty reigns in Rome ahead of key elections

Only one day ahead of Italy's national elections, many of Rome's citizens expressed confusion as to who they want to vote for. «There is uncertainty: in the current situation we really do not know who to vote. There are too many assemblages of parties,» one man said, reflecting on headlines of national newspapers on Saturday morning. «It's the first time I'm not going to vote, because I don't... Еще believe in anyone anymore,» another man said. «People are starving, there are no more jobs and people are starving.» A common choice appeared to be voting for «the least worst» candidate. Uncertainty as to what comes following the elections has only been amplified due to a brand-new electoral law, making the result hard to predict and decreasing the possibility of having a party gain an overall majority. It remains to be seen what will happen after the vote, due to a brand-new electoral law which made the result hard to predict and increased the likelihood of no party gaining an overall majority. Polling stations across Italy will be open from 7 am to 11 pm (GMT +1) on Sunday, March 4.

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