Italy: «The EU? Never seen them!» — Ventimiglia mayor slams lack of support in housing migrants

Enrico Ioculano, mayor of the northern Italian border town of Ventimiglia, criticised the lack of support from the EU for dealing with the migrant crisis as he attempts to house underage refugees amidst anger from local residents. The 28-year-old also said his city was being forced to bear the financial brunt of housing refugees and migrants in need, a bill which is running into the tens of... Еще thousands. «The European Union? We've basically never seen them. I don't believe the EU gave us any significant or real support,» Ioculano said. «From the moment a minor is reported in town, the town then has to take care of expenses. Generally we will be reimbursed around half of the expenses, but there are tens of thousands of euros that our town is paying at the moment because of it,» he added. Ventimiglia has become a major frontier in the refugee crisis as migrants who have made their way into the Italy via the Mediterranean attempt to reach Western Europe through the French-Italian border, just a few kilometres from the city.
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