Italy: Supreme work of art! Kim Jon-un blights the land

It is spectacle worthy of a broadcast from North Korea’s over-enthusiastic pink-clad news reader Ri Chun Hee. A gigantic caricature of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jon-un was ploughed into a field in Castagnaro, Italy on Thursday. The giant portrait of Pyongyang's leader, accompanied by two huge missiles being fired from his head under with the word danger below, was created by Italian... Еще artist Dario Gambarin in a field covering more than 20,000 square meters. Tracing freehand and with the help of a plough tractor and a rotating harrow, Gambarin created the artwork in the hope the crisis on the Korean peninsula will be solved soon. It is not the first time Gambarin has hit the headlines for his political art. He has previously craved Russian President Vladimir Putin and former US President Barack Obama.


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