Italy: Spanish tourist killed by falling masonry in Florence's famed basilica

Journalist : «Did you hear anything about what happened in Santa Croce?» Vendor: «We heard that a Spanish man died.» Journalist: «Should people be worried about the security of the area and the Church?» Vendor: «I don't think so, it never happened before, but for sure they should check better inside.» Journalist: «Were tourists worried or curious about what happened?» Vendor: «Not... Еще really a part from those who were here in front, the rest just kept quiet as usual.» A 52-year-old tourist from Spain was killed by falling masonry inside one of Italy's most famous cathedrals, the Santa Croce Basilica, Thursday. The victim was visiting the church with his wife when a piece of 15x15cm (6x6in) decorative stone, reportedly fell from a height of 20 metres (66ft). The deadly incident occurred inside the church near the tombs of sculptor Michelangelo, polymath Galileo Galilei and political scientist Niccolo Machiavelli. A police investigation is currently underway with the church remaining closed to visitors.

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