Italy: South Tyrol's ruling party suffers historic low result in Alpine region

Officials of the South Tyrol's People's Party (SVP) reacted to the regional election results during a press conference in Bolzano on Monday, after the party scored a historic low result in Sunday's vote in the northernmost Italian region of Trentino-South Tyrol. «The loss of 3.8 percent cannot mean a satisfactory result for the South Tyrolean People's Party. At the same time, we've received a... Еще clear task from our voters, namely to assume responsibility for the next five years of forming the future of South Tyrol,» said SVP head, Philipp Achammer. Another SVP official, its leading candidate Arno Kompatscher, echoed Achammer, saying: «of course, the losses hurt.» At the same time, he stressed that the party achieved its «primary election goal,» which was to score over 40 percent of votes, and remain the biggest power in the regional parliament. In 2013 the German-speaking SVP lost its overall majority for the first time since 1948, scoring 45.7 percent of vote. On Sunday, the party dropped to a result of 41.9 percent in South Tyrol, followed by Team Koellensperger, formed by the former 5 Star Movement's Paul Koellensperger, which won 15.2 percent, as well as by the far-right League party with 11.1 percent.

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