Italy: South Tyrol regional elections underway amid 'dual passport' strife

The Governor of South Tyrol Arno Kompatscher downplayed the topic of dual passports, an issue raised in the lead up to the regional elections, after he cast his vote in the local parliamentary ballot, in Fie allo Sciliar on Sunday. «I believe that the topic of the dual passport has had minor relevance during the election campaign. During that time, there were other topics [focused on],» said... Еще Kompatscher. Austria's coalition government has offered to give Austrian passports to the majority German-speaking citizens of the South Tyrol region. Lega Nord candidate for the region Massimo Bessone said the introduction of dual passports could weaken the region's autonomy, and warned against it. «Autonomy no longer makes sense with the introduction of the dual passport, especially since it creates first and second class citizens,» he said. Security and immigration were among the main themes of the campaign, but in the province of South Tyrol, the political debate was also influenced by Austria's passport offer.

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