Italy: Ship carrying 62 migrants arrives at Sicilian port of Pozzallo

The Italian merchant ship Asso Venticinque, carrying 62 migrants rescued from the coast of Malta, docked at the Sicilian port of Pozzallo on Friday. Footage shows migrants disembarking the ships, where they were medically checked before being reportedly transferred to the Pozzallo hotspot. According to reports, they come from Gambia, the Ivory Coast and Senegal. Vincenzo Morello, one of the... Еще doctors at the port, said the health conditions of the passenger was overall positive. “We have had the landing of 60 men and two women, in fair conditions. Two were taken to hospital, one for hydrocarbon burns, and another for stomach pains with a headache,” he explained. This is the first time this year that a ship carrying migrants docks at Pozzallo, a port already known for receiving numerous arrivals in the past years.

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