Italy: Sea Watch 3 ship didn't hit police boat 'out of necessity or by chance' — prosecutor

Italian public prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio said that his office believes that the Sea Watch 3 rescue ship didn't hit a police boat in the course of docking in Lampedusa «out of necessity or by chance,» but that it was due to a voluntary choice made by Captain Carola Rackete. The manoeuvre «was carried out with the voluntariness to dodge the controls and the stop of the financial police,» said... Еще Patronaggio, while speaking to a journalist in Rome on Tuesday. «Based on the records that we have, we considered that there was a voluntary non-observance of a stop, with a manoeuvre which we considered broke the laws of the Article 1100 of the Navigation Code, and of the Article 337 of the Penal Code,» he said. «The validation hearing took place in a serene atmosphere. The captain of the ship, Carola, made her statements with serenity and the right climate that must be present inside a courtroom, without the tension which was created,» he added, commenting on calls from Italian President Sergio Mattarella to everyone «to calm the tone.» Rescue ship Sea Watch 3 Captain Carola Rackete's case was heard by the public prosecutor in Agrigento on Monday, days after her arrest after she manoeuvred her vessel into the Italian port of Lampedusa despite the ban from Italian authorities on Friday. Rackete is charged with resistance and violence against a warship and attempted shipwreck. If convicted, she could face 10 years in prison.

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